Monday, January 5, 2009

Peace JAM - Be 'Instrumental' to Peace

As I review all our students have accomplished in 2008, I am proud and inspired for 2009! Learning what we can, and cannot change an important part of social entrepreneurship. To build on the lessons of 2008, we resumed Third Coast band practice and held a brainstorming session to set goals for 2009. The students have chosen to join the Midwestern Peace JAM at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and to perform at an Earth Day Benefit in Petoskey as their next goals. To expand the 'reach' of the band, the students will be inviting 'guest artists' and helping younger students to participate by mentoring a 'Third and a Half Coast Band' of middle school musicians. In future meetings, we will discuss other avenues for sharing the Peace JAM leadership methods and building Earth Day awareness. As always, we invite your input and participation! We will be meeting on Thursdays at Countryside Lane where we can share a meal and make some noise as we collaborate to become instruments of PEACE.
Check the calendar at the right for future dates. To learn more about Peace JAM, click on the link below or videos at the right.

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Brian Rooney, LLC said...

Really enjoyed the background music on this blog! Nicely done.